Photographic paper print applied on Dibond 

60x40 cm each


Series of 3 photographs

IMG_1 -min.jpg

The invitation of the Sensitive Lamb becomes imperious when, as the sheet of paper folds, the Lamb reclines on itself, wrapping itself up and becoming a whirlwind of energy. 

In the photographic series Intus-Extra, the artist immortalises the suction that the Lamb implements on the viewer, pulling him into a vortex that conforms to the luminous tunnel, visible to those with a perimortal experience.

Entering the interior (intus) of the Sensible Lamb in decomposition, one is accompanied along its powerful body and thrown by it outside (extra) our dimension: inside and outside the invisible. The Lamb becomes a travelling companion, a space-time gateway that leads to where it previously indicated. There.

At the bottom of this deforming passage there is only a great eye of white light.

Text by Tatiana Basso published on Exibart on 5/2/2021

Exhibition: open studio of Capital Project's artist residency at Colle Ameno, Sasso Marconi (BO)

29 January 2021 

(...) During the Open studio, the ascending-descending verses of his Confessions from Acclivitas are recited at the top of the staircase of Villa Davia by Gabriele Duma and Antonella Franceschini of Opificio d'Arte Scenica. In dialogue with Palmi's Intus-Extra, photographs of Sensitive Lambs drawn in swirling sanguine and rolled up, the duo guide the observer's gaze into the gut in the paper, through the carcass-tunnel of the sacred animal in the direction of the luminous - quoting the artist - "Life after Life". (...)