Vale Palmi, was born in Bologna in 1994. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Lives and works in Bologna.

Recent Expositions


-19/1/2022 We Art Open. Group exhibition of the winners of the fifth edition of the We Art Open award curated by No Title Gallery, in collaboration with YAS Young Artists Supporters, DELTARTE and JULIET Art Magazine, at GAD - Giudecca Art District, Venice. 

-17-19/9/2021 CRONACHE. Group exhibition curated by Capital Project at Villa Davia, Colle Ameno, Bologna.


-26/6/2021 Marcello in presenza. Group exhibition curated by Estuario Project Space and Cristoforo Lippi, Saverio Osso, Viola Pierozzi and Matilde Toni at Ex Celle Frigo - Officina Giovani, Prato.


-18/6/2021 La voce della luna. Group exhibition at mtn-Museo Temporaneo Navile, Bologna.


-7/1/2021 start of the theoretical and practical workshop Fare Arte Contemporanea curated by Estuario Project Space, as part of the Giovani Talenti project, promoted by the Associazione Luigi Pecci, Prato.


-1/12/2020-31/1/2021 artist residency promoted by Capital Project, curated by Marcello Tedesco and Silla Guerrini, at Colle Ameno, Bologna.


-3/7/2020 La Vita dell'Arte. Group show curated by Emanuele Gregolin and Pengpeng Wang, at A60 Contemporary Art Space, Milan.


-8/2/2020 Curatio Vulneris. Vale Palmi, Alena Tonelli, curated by Maria Chiara Wang, at CRAC Spazio Arte, Castelnuovo Rangone (MO), coordinated by Alessandro Mescoli.


-24/1/2020 Arte e Mondo. Group exhibition of the winners of the Zucchelli Competition 2019, at Zu.Art. Giardino Zucchelli delle arti, Bologna, curated by Carmen Lorenzetti.


-23-26/1/2020 Extra Arca. Vale Palmi, Laura Fortin, curated by Maria Chiara Wang, at BOOMing Contemporary Art Show, Bologna, Rizomi Parma gallery stand.


-22/11/2019 obtaining the scholarship awarded on the occasion of the Zucchelli Prize 2019.


-11-13/10/2019 participation in Art Verona and the prize "Fotografia Under 35" with photographic work of the installation "Si Deus pro Nobis", presented by Galleria Labs in Bologna.


-27.09/26.10/2019 Project Room/Territori. Group exhibition at mtn - Museo Temporaneo Navile, Bologna, curated by Marcello Tedesco.


-28/6/2019 Trasformazione. Group exhibition at the Faro Arte gallery in Marina di Ravenna, curated by Maria Chiara Wang and Oscarito Sanchez. 


-18/05/2019 FREI. Performance of "I Grandi Liberi" at Hinterland Galerie in Vienna, Austria, curated by Maria Chiara Wang.


-03/05/2019 RESTITUIT. Group exhibition at Zu.Art. Giardino Zucchelli delle arti in Bologna, curated by Rebecca Ardizzoni. With the installation "Si Deus pro Nobis".


-02/02/2019-23/03/2019 Contra me Giusto.  Solo exhibition at the Labs Gallery in Bologna, curated by Gaia Fattorini.


-12-15/10/2018 participation in Art Verona and in the prize "Fotografia Under 35" with the work "E quindi uscimmo a riveder le Stelle", presented by Labs Gallery in Bologna.


-23/6/2018 Umano + o - memoria sovraccarica. Group exhibition at the Rosso Tiepido Cultural Association of Modena with photos of the performance " "Non c'è più" " and with live performance of "Sub-Limo/Sub-Limen.


-20/06/2018 Before and After Nature. Group exhibition at the Galleria d'Arte Maggiore in Bologna with the series of five photographs of the performance "Sub-Limo/Sub- Limen". The work in question received a mention from the jury of the Premio Zucchelli on the occasion of Art Up and was subsequently purchased by GAM itself.


-6/3/2018 The interior Sea. Group exhibition with the work Mediterraneo InVaso at the Lebanese University of Fine Arts and Architecture in Beirut.


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Pubblicazioni / Interviste / articoli

24/3/2022 publication of the essay The Afterlife is a narrow Corner. Beyond Death in contemporary art. Pendragon Editore.


-"The study of invisible" Maria Chiara Wang's interview published in the 'Small Talk' section of the Small Zine magazine.

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