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Epifania Galvanizzata



White corner, angular galvanized iron shield 150 cm (diameter), Lamb, electrified wire.

A real epiphany, the apparition of Our Lady, of a new type of God. The cult of the Corpse.

The Body is presented in the magnificence of a galvanized iron halo embedded in a corner. A small portal of light in which it becomes a trinity.

No one can get close to the God. Two protective bands of electrified wire prevent direct contact, giving a shock to the too curious.

The body is galvanized by the electricity that passes between the wires, as galvanized is also the shield whose galvanizing process is called galvanizing.

The Flesh and the Zinc melt in the reflections.

The Lamb continues to live in a sort of electric thrust that denies Death.

Photographic shots were taken from the work.


Two photographs were exhibited in 2020 at the exhibition


Curatio Vulneris

CRAC Castelnuovo Rangone

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