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My drawings are a visualisation of the part of the decomposition process that is not materially visible, but takes place in the immaterial context of pure Energy. The subtle decomposition, made visible by the drawing (whose talent lies precisely in making visible that which is not visible: 'Per visibilia ad invisibilia'), is charged with red Energy that branches out from the skeleton, whose vertebrae remain like white stars, fixed in a sky. This Energy comes out of the body with speed and momentum, but its trajectory is a whirlwind, like that of a thousand million gnats flying away from their carcasses. 

The dominant red is alternated with blue, creating a real circulatory apparatus, a great reference to Blood, which is the last material veil before entering the immateriality of the soul composition. 

Sometimes the head of the subjects becomes an ellipse, an attractor, a centre of energetic gravity that swirls outwards, leaving space for the Void. At other times a rhythmic diffusion of Energy occurs at the height of the open belly, recalling the propagation waves created in water when a stone is thrown into it. The Energy, propelled out of Death, returns to the Universe, mending the link with the World of the Gods, the world that is not governed by the human laws of reason. 

The more the original form of the body decomposes, the less we recognise it, we can only trace it through those impassable 'cardinal points' that create the design of a map of decomposition.



Serie | 2023

Subtle decomposition (Vanilla) II_edited.jpg


Serie | 2021-2023



Serie | 2023

Decomposizione sottile (la Linea Verticale), 146x54 cm, 2023.jpg

Linea Verticale

Serie | 2023

Decomposizione sottile - Streben (Fichte) IV _edited.jpg


Serie | 2022-2023


Agnello Sensibile

Serie | 2020-2021



Serie | 2022-2023

Vale Palmi _ Decomposizione sottile (Cuore antiorario) _ Sangue, matita, sanguigna biro e


Serie | 2022-2023

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