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Memoriale attivo (con invito)

Gasbeton bricks, bones, niche, Palo Santo essential oil.

300x570x56 cm.


"The horizontal line pushes us towards matter, the vertical line towards the spirit"

 Franco Battiato


In this Tau the horizontal line does not block the flow of the vertical one, the user is invited to find and follow the vertical line until he breaks through the horizontal barrier to penetrate the special head illuminated by a halo of light (the niche). This concave portal, hollowed out in the wall for centuries, can take man back in time to when the Villa was built and throughout its history, making him witness to honourable or infamous events.

 The bricks seem to exert a strong compression on the bones, but on second glance one notices that it is the bones that support the bricks and the whole sculpture, which is a representation of the structure in which it is housed.

The memorial, which consecrates the partisans rounded up along the Via Porrettana, held prisoner in the basement, killed and buried in the garden of Villa Davia, emanates an intoxicating smell of Palo Santo, smeared directly on the bones, is the activator that allows us to have a real repercussion in reality, art thus loses its characteristic of neutrality and fiction, and allows us to communicate and pay homage to the Dead.

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