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Apparizione Ctonia



White corner, carved rabbit, large galvanized iron bucket, black painting of the Vantablack type.

Apparizione Ctonia-min.jpg

A winged rabbit hovers in the top of one corner and in the opposite corner, at the bottom, there is a dark, deep bucket down to the subsoil. The apparition of an ethereal angel who is still heavy with flesh and bound to the Earth.

The denial of the existence of Death as we know it lies in the transformations of the rabbit, in its elevation despite being a chthonian, underground animal. Its Life will continue to drip into the cavity below and then return airborne again through evaporation. Up and down, in a continuous movement that denies the end. The cult of the corpse.

A shot of the installation was exhibited at the exhibition

Contra Me Giusto

a Cura di Gaia Fattorini

Labs Gallery Bologna

In Apparizione Ctonia, a winged rabbit hangs high in a corner, perpendicularly, on the ground, there is what appears to be a banal tin bucket, but which in reality has no bottom, penetrates the subsoil. The rabbit is the denial of the existence of death as we know it: it has transformed itself, it has become something else, it has risen into the sky despite being a chthonian animal, that is, underground. Its life continues dripping blood into the bowels of the earth, then it will again become airy and ethereal through evaporation.


Gaia Fattorini


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