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Vita est per Humiditatem, Mors per Siccitatem


Photographic print on pvc banner

230x150 cm.


Schermata 2019-08-04 alle 18.36.46.png

The dead are called Alibantes which means without damp: so Vita est per humiditatem, Mors per siccitatem, or Life is in the wet, death in the dry. 


The first part of this sentence has always given me a very erotic impression, since Life is in the wet, it reminds me of a vagina, humid source of life. So I found, one day, by chance, under the sun and besieged by bees and flies, a dead boar and I decided to carve a cut on its belly with a saw. By removing layer after layer of skin and fat I came to the shape of the vagina.


As if I wanted to contribute to my sculpture, the bees, excited by this gash of tender and smelly flesh, started to fly around it, one of them now acts as a clitoris. The first part of the farce is sculpted on the second, that is on an Alibant, a corpse without moisture, this creates a short circuit condensing together the two sentences, Life and Death.

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