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Sôma Pneumatikón


Stampa su carta fotografica baritata, montata su Dibond, 50x73 cm.

Sôma Pneumatikón (remake).jpg

Photograph of a small air body (Sôma Pneumatikón) on the Threshold. 


The infant bird, just out of the egg and already immediately returned to the air, to the decomposition of matter. 


The word Soma was used before and by Homer to indicate the Body, but as a Corpse. There was no other real word for the whole Body. So the word Body matched the word Corpse.


It is Body exclusively devoted to the Air, (more than simple living birds) that neither in Life nor in Death will ever touch the earth, but lying in the Corner, patiently, waits for it to be opened. 


A brief, fleeting visit to Life.

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