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Five galvanized iron tanks 30x70 and 50x115, footprint formed by the decomposition of corpses.


The installation was created after a visit to the Catacomba della Larderia, a Christian hypogeic cemetery located near Modica in Sicily, dating back to the 4th century A.D. with earthen tombs dug into the rock in a continuous carpet.

The artist wanted to bring back the tombs, sculpting them in galvanized iron and arranging them similarly to those seen, adding body tracks, which left lying on the metal for several days, corroded and stained the surface. Thus, returning the traces of those corpses that unfortunately were completely missing in the catacomb, (they were cleaned up in the centuries to come and used for other purposes).

In this revisited reconstruction, we symbolically try to bring back the materiality of those ancient bodies in their burial niches in order to make them last in Time even longer...A thrust to the Being that remains in the history of the Earth and in Life after Life.

The work was exhibited at the exhibition


Curatio Vulneris

curated by Maria Chiara Wang

Crac, Castelnuovo Rangone, 2020

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