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E quindi uscimmo a riveder le Stelle


Photographic print applied on Dibond, 90x60 cm


Edition in 3 copies

_E quindi uscimmo a riveder le Stelle_.p

The title refers to the last sentence of Dante's Inferno and the moments before his ascent to purgatory. On the artist's body are traced 7 P's of blood and Sin, like the ones that the Angel Porter engraves on Dante's forehead. 


They are the sign of the artist's readiness to atone through the suffering of the body from the stains of sin, carried from the inside out, on the skin, in order to wash the rag of consciousness. It is the beginning of its purification. 

Photograph of the work exhibited at ArtVerona 2018, where it was nominated for the "Photography Under 35" award.

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