Lambs are the visualisation of the part of the decompositional process that is not materially visible, but takes place in the immaterial context of pure energy.

This swirling energy is an energy that comes out of the body quickly and with momentum, but its trajectory is a whirlwind, like that which a thousand million gnats might draw as they fly off the carcass. 

The more the Lamb's original form decomposes, the less we recognise it, we can only trace it through those 'cardinal points' that do not participate in the decompositional process and create a map of decomposition.

These cardinal points, which are not recognizable, remain like fixed stars in a sky. 

The Sensitive Lambs point their very long pointer in the direction of the top corner of the sheet.

This pointer is an arrow, a finger pointing, a marker to be followed.


Trust the Guiding Lambs, and have no fear, for with their pointer they always point There.

Agnello Sensibile, decomposizione luminosa