L'Abbraccio Riesumato




Triptych, print on photographic paper applied on rigid support

30x120 cm

L'Abbraccio Riesumato
L'Abbraccio Riesumato
L'Abbraccio Riesumato

Let's exhume the Obscene.


Obscene as everything that contemporary society omits from the everyday life of Western man. Death and the Corpse are kept apart, far from the sight and contact of the population. 


In this panorama intervene my photos that bring the obscene back into the limelight, exhuming the corpse, skinning it and bringing the skin back to the light; a skin that still has the pink-purple stains of livor mortis and that takes on the appearance of a canvas of abstract art.


As in a last embrace, I wrap myself in my Mother's skin in a fetal position, claiming to regain contact with her.


The triptych can be read in two different ways depending on the order in which the first and second image are arranged. In the first version, starting from the complete wrapping, I discover myself and I am reborn, as if I were undressing from that skin, letting it go and living off my body alone.


In the second reading, instead, the one I prefer, I cover myself completely, my Mother takes me in, she blinds me and takes me with her in the darkness.

In both variants, the fetal position is turned downwards precisely to suggest contact with the earth.


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