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Caduta dei Dogmi (Nessun motivo di credere che il Paradiso sia in cielo e che sia pieno di luce)


Polyptych: 4 photographic prints on baryta paper in wooden box frame with museum glass, 30x45 cm each. 

luce sopra buono b copia-min.jpg
buio sopra buono b-min.jpg

In the Corner there are two buckets, one below with the mouth upwards and one above with the mouth downwards, one contains darkness and the other contains light. Four times you get a reversal of above - below, high - low, light - dark, good - evil, heaven - hell. 

After all, there is no reason to believe that heaven is in heaven and that it is full of light. The dogma that light belongs to above and darkness to below leaves no time to be found, the truth is that light and darkness become the same thing, they lose their meaning, so it can happen that going up one finds oneself at the bottom, or going down one finds oneself at the top, like on an Escher ladder. 

The human will to progress, to illuminate the world in order to find the true, the beautiful and the good, does not seem to have worked very well. By illuminating every corner of the earth with artificial lights we have not achieved a higher consciousness, a better soul and a knowledge that has brought good; on the contrary, the more we illuminated the cities the more darkness and sensitivity fell within us.

Perhaps then we should not illuminate the world, but learn to see in the dark. 

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